• Period 3 Semester 3 Reflection

    Posted by Jennifer Legzdin on 4/17/2015
    Please honestly answer the following questions in English. You are ALWAYS REQUIRED to use complete sentences unless I've noted otherwise! Please copy and paste the questions in your comment box. I consider this to be personal response to your academics and will NOT post this on my website. However, this will be a grade for the 3RD SEMESTER!   
    1. Indicate your current grade for the following semesters: (For the other semesters, check ParentConnect)
    Semester 3: 
    Semester 2:
    Semester 1:
    2. Explain how you earn the credit to pass this class.
    3. Indicate your grades for the following semester 3 categories:
    4. Explain the percentages for each category. (I've done homework for you :)
    Homework: 10% 
    5. Does anything surprise you about these numbers? EXPLAIN
    6. What are you going to continue to do that is working well in this class?
    7. What area do you need to improve and WHY? Be SPECIFIC!
    8. This course has been increasingly influenced by access to the computers. Do you like this class format? WHY or WHY NOT?
    9. What can I do to help you achieve your goals? 
    10. What academic skills are you acquiring through this course? 
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