• Kevin Klein
    School Principal

    It is hard to believe that we have graduated two classes of seniors.  We have watched students grow other the last several years to become great citizens of the Rochester area.    Every student that has graduated from IAT has been accepted into college. This year we even had a student win a car for college. 

    The IAT Way is the expectation that our students will develop into high achieving students that are respectful, have high moral character, and continue to face challenges with passion and determination.  This is all done while pursuing high academic achievement.

    When students graduate it is not because they are done learning. It is because they are ready to face the next challenges during their journey to adulthood.  When they go to college, or to vocational school, or start their career, they have developed the necessary skills to succeed.  Their learning journey does not end there.  The foundations of learning and character development instilled by the staff at IATHS will help guide them in their lives for many years to come.

    Throughout the years that students spend at IATHS we stress the values of CREST.  CREST, or Caring , Respect, Excellence, Safety, and Trust, foundations are laid when students enter in seventh grade.  During CREW, daily in our classes, participating in our expeditions, on and off the athletic fields, and during all phases of school life our students demonstrate the simple principles of CREST.  This sets our students out from the rest of the district.  

    We are looking forward see the accomplishments of the leaders of tomorrow know that we laid the foundation  of their learning today.