• Printable Syllabus: Espanol III 

    Course Description:
    Level 3 continues to advance all reading, writing, listening and speaking skills as well as continuing with the study of culture.  This class ends in a regional final that covers all material learned in levels 1-3. A student enrolled in Spanish III should have a solid grammar and vocabulary-based foundation and basic computer skills.


    • Develop an appreciation for languages and diverse cultures.
    • Cultivate logical and critical thinking skills to facilitate communication.
    • Read, write, listen and speak through exposure to formulate one’s own ideas.
    • Interpret a variety authentic media.
    • Communicate clearly and confidently.
    • Develop patience and persistence in becoming life-long language learners.
    • Utilize technology to enhance learning and strengthen media literacy skills.
    Required Materials:

    • Three ring binder (NOT folder)
    • Pens or pencils
    • Access to the internet is preferred


    In order to earn credit for this course/sequence, students must pass BOTH the class and exam!

    Grade categories are weighted as: 

    o   Assessments      = 50%

    o    Classwork         = 40%

    o    Homework        = 10%

    Mid-Term: administered in January and is 25% of semester 2 grade.

    Final Exam: administered in June and is 25% of semester 4 grade.

    Homework: is given every class to help mastery level learning.

    Late work: is at the DISCRETION OF THE TEACHER! This is a higher level course and assignments should be handed in on time according to due date! Throughout the course there are opportunities to earn credit for missed assignments but they will consist of different work.

    Absent: it is the student’s responsibility to meet with the teacher to discussed missed work. I recommend checking my website first, speak to a friend and then if needed see instructor. Work missed due to absence that is not turned in or completed in a reasonable amount of time (about 3 days) will likely have points deducted accordingly. 


    1. If student is late to class, a signed pass is required. If this is a consistent problem detention may be given for tardiness.
    2. Do NOT use the online internet services for translation purposes beyond a one or two word phrase! It will be obvious and a zero will be given for the work.

    The Spanish III course outline and literature is a working document. There are constant changes so please be aware course outline will not be complete until the end of the year.