ENL means English as a New Language.  Students whos primary language is a language other than English are ENL students. They are learning English in addition to their native language. ENL students can also be referred to as ELLs, English Language Learners.
    My job as an ENL teacher is to helps my students grow in their English proficiency. We focus on the areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.   Students are encouraged to make connections between their home language and the English language.  Student diversity is valued in our classrooms. I enjoy learning about my students lives and cultures and help experience and make new memories.
    Our Program 
    In our program students have access to Ipads or Chromebooks in the classroom. Grades 5 - 12 have a 1:1 Ipad initiative allowing students to access dictionaries, translator apps, and have access to educational resources, games, and activities.