• Welcome to Ms. Pelletier's ESOL Class at the Rochester International Academy!

    Welcome! My name is Ms. Pelletier and I am a secondary ESOL teacher at the Rochester International Academy. 
    United Nations Day  
       I teach 7-12 grade students who are recent arrivals to the United States; all of my students have moved here within the last year! I have students from all around the world, including the countries of Nepal, Yemen, Iraq, Uganda, Thailand, Bulgaria, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Eritrea and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They speak a variety of languages such as Arabic, Karen, Karenni, Swahili, Bulgarian, Tigrinya, Kinyarwanda, and Nepali. It is amazing to see the growth and progress of the students as they become more comfortable with and proficient in the English language and culture, and I am excited to share our experiences with you!