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    Ms. Wise

    Who is Ms. Wise?
    I am the Rochester International Academy librarian. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Le Moyne College and a Masters in Business Administration from Rochester Institute of Technology.  Before I came to RIA, I worked as a project manager for a publishing company. I also volunteered as a tutor for new arrivals to the United States and quickly learned how much I love teaching. I went back to school at Syracuse University to become a teacher librarian, and this is my fifth year at RIA!
    RIA's Library Program
    All of RIA's students are new arrivals to the United States and are working very hard to learn English. We have designed our library collection, procedures and lessons to meet our students' unique and diverse needs. Our library collection reflects the interests, cultural backgrounds, languages and English proficiencies of our amazing students. The  RIA library procedures are highly structured and consistent with graphic visual cues to help our students confidently navigate their library. Despite the fact that many of our students have limited or no library experience prior to coming to RIA, all of our students from Kindergarten through 12th grade become circulation experts autonomously checking in and out their own books at our circulation station. Every library lesson is designed with our special student population in mind. Ms. Wise collaborates closely with our students' teachers to ensure we are building upon prior knowledge our students have gleaned in the classroom. Ms. Wise also uses the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol when designing lessons for our students.
    Contact Information:

    The Rochester International Academy

    1 Edgerton Park,

    Rochester, NY 14608

    (585) 324-5250