• MISSION/Vision

    Our mission and vision statement is Dream, Believe, Execute, 4 Results.

    • Dream:      to be a catalyst for growth and change
    • Believe:    that you can keep going long after you can't. We are responsible for what we do,
    • Execute:   perform or carry out what is required.


    We, the faculty and staff of George Mather Forbes School No. 4 are committed to:
    • A multi-cultural integrated curriculum
    • Providing programs that create critical and divergent thinkers
    • Staff development to ensure delivery of a child-centered instructional program
    • An environment that fosters respect for self and others through continuing development of social skills/services
    • Utilizing and encouraging parents and community as partners and resources
    • Interdisciplinary approach that incorporates the support staff
    • Accepting the responsibility to teach all students so that they can attain their maximum educational potential
    Beliefs and Practices
    We are a school that is committed to fostering an atmosphere where all students can learn.  We acknowledge that class size directly impacts students' achievement.  Students will have respect for self, adults, peers and their surrounding. Students will have a positive self image by recognizing and valuing their own uniqueness.
    Rituals and Routines
    Pledge, National Anthem, Announcements, Student's Birthdays, School Song/"Lift Every Voice and Sing" sung at assemblies, Terrific Kids, PTO, and Rights and Responsibilities Assembly