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    The Current unit of study is Math Module Unit 1 which is the study of Integer Exponents and Scientific NotationArea of Interaction focus:     
    Significant concept(s):        Relationships help use make decisions
    MYP unit question:             How do I make decisions?
    MYP Objective:         C.  Communicating in           D.  Reflection in mathematics                             
    • communicate a complete and coherent mathematical line of reasoning using different forms of representation when investigating complex problems
    • explain the importance of his or her findings in connection to real life.
    • suggest improvements to the method when necessary.
    Students should be able to at the end of the unit be able to:
    • Represent problem situations verbally, numerically, algebraically, and graphically
    • Use mathematics to show and understand social phenomena
    • Create a graph given a description or an expression for a situation involving a linear or nonlinear relationship
    • Understand that numerical information can be represented in multiple ways: arithmetically, algebraically, and graphically
    • Interpret multiple representations using equation, table of values, and graph
    • Determine the slope of a line from a graph and explain the meaning of slope as a constant rate of change
    • Determine the y-intercept of a line from a graph and be able to explain the y-intercept
    • Graph a line using a table of values
    • Determine the equation of a line given the slope and the y-intercep8.G.17 Graph a line from an equation in slope-intercept form ( y = mx + b )
    • Solve systems of equations graphically (only linear, integral solutions, y = mx + b format, no vertical/horizontal lines)
      Summative Assessment:

    Real-life problem – A Test that will not only reflect personal hygiene and excercise issues along with the math but substance abuse issues as well.

    Criteria(s) for assessments are:
    • Communication in mathematics
    • Reflection in mathematics
    Rubric(s) that will be used will be as follows:
    Unit 5    Angles and Transformations
    Unit 6    Constructions and Function Terminology