Unit 1    Integers
    Unit 2    Solving Equations and Inequalities
    The Current unit of study is Unit 3 which is the study of Data and probability
    Unit Title:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    Area of Interaction focus:        ** Environments **
              Students will have an awareness and understanding of the effects of our actions, attitudes, and
              constructs, such as sustainable development and conservation.
    Significant concept(s):        My actions impact our environment.
    MYP unit question:         How do my actions impact the environment?
    MYP Objective:        
    • communicate a complete and coherent mathematical line of reasoning using different forms of representation when investigating complex problems
    • explain the importance of his or her findings in connection to real life
    • suggest improvements to the method when necessary
    Topics Covered:
    • Draw central angles in a given circle using a protractor (circle graphs).
    • Identify and collect data using a variety of methods .
    • Display data in a circle graph.
    • Convert raw data into double bar graphs and double line graphs.
    • Calculate the range for a given set of data .
    • Select the appropriate measure of central tendency .
    • Read and interpret data represented graphically (pictograph, bar graph, histogram, line graph, double line/bar graphs or circle graph).
    • Identify and explain misleading statistics and graphs
    • Interpret data to provide the basis for predictions and to establish experimental probabilities.
    • Determine the validity of sampling methods to predict outcomes.
    • Predict the outcome of an experiment
    • Design and conduct an experiment to test predictions
    • Compare actual results to predicted results
    Summative Assessment:

    Real-life problem – Look at data about recycling and draw conclusions. Collect, Organize, Analyze and present data. Give a recommendation about when can be done to help the environmental problem.

    Criteria(s) for assessments are:
    • Communication
    • Reflection
    Rubric(s) that will be used will be as follows:
    Unit 4
    Unit 5
    Unit 6
    Unit 7