• Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School


    School Mission



    Excellence for all students in all aspects of their development.



    Vision Statement

    Our mission is to use the International Baccalaureate (IB) philosophy to guide individual student success.

    This means:

    o   Individualized high standards for all

    o   Multiple pathways towards graduation including career development, Regents, dual-credit, Advanced Placement (AP), and IB     Diploma Program (DP) courses

    o   Infusing the IB philosophy into all of our courses

    o   Backward mapping DP courses to ensure future success

    o   An international mindset that will be at the forefront of our environment and pedagogy

    o   Utilizing the IB approaches to learning and learner profile in all courses to develop the whole child


    Smart Goals

      1. Decrease chronic absenteeism by 3% in order to support student achievement through improved attendance.
      2. Decrease student suspensions by 10% in order to support student achievement as noted in the DCIP (Tenet 1).
      3. Increase overall graduation rates by 5% as compared to that of the previous year (63%).