School-Based Planning Team: Northwest Junior High School

  • The School-Based Planning Team meets once a month. It is an organizational structure for improving school productivity. The team is chaired by the principal and will assess student performance and school effectiveness, set improvement goals and design instruction and other services in the context of those goals.




    Rodney Moore

    Principal, ASAR

    Katherine Orem

    Assistant Principal, ASAR

    Kristine Schultz

    Project Implementation Specialist, ASAR

    Barbara Beyerlein

    Teacher, RTA

    Melissa Capezzuto

    Teacher, RTA

    Robert Faulknor

    Teacher, RTA

    Todd Fleming

    Teacher, RTA

    Jennifer Greenberg

    Counselor, RTA

    Lori LaLoggia Teacher, RTA

    Melissa McLean

    Teacher, RTA

    Nicholas Talmadge

    Teacher, RTA

    Aaliyah Alston

    Teacher Assistant, RAP

    Clarence Brown

    Home School Assistant, BENTE

    Iris White

    School Secretary, BENTE





    If you are interested in serving on Northwest's School Based Planning Team as a parent representative, please reach out to Rodney Moore, Principal,