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    Dear Parents:


    We want you to know about a situation that occurred yesterday and affected our school day today, along with generating some false rumors that could cause undue concern.


    On Wednesday afternoon, a significant number of students were involved in fighting that took place after school hours and off school property. The fighting was not visible from our schools, but neighbors called police who arrived as the participants were scattering.


    Overnight, we became aware that the incident was generating a lot of chatter on Facebook, including inappropriate language and references to causing more trouble. As a preventive measure, we kept students on pass restrictions during the day today, and conducted hall sweeps after the transitions between classes.  A District safety team was in the building, and our School Resource Officer had colleagues from the police department check in with her periodically.


    There was no lockdown, and no physical altercations at school as of dismissal time today.


    We’re writing to assure you that this situation is under control and classes were conducted normally today. We are working with students to ease tensions and resolve their conflicts peacefully. Please help us by monitoring your children’s activities, including their Facebook pages, and insisting on proper behavior.


    The safety of your children is our first concern, and please do not hesitate to call with questions regarding Northeast and Northwest College Prep.






    Mary Aronson                                                      Toyia Wilson

    Principal                                                               Principal

    Northeast College Prep                                       Northwest College Prep