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    The College Board Schools model is designed to help middle school and high school students in underrepresented groups enter the pipeline to higher education. There are 14 College Board Schools in New York City; Rochester, New York; and Buffalo, New York.
    College Board Schools are new public schools, grades 7–12, which serve students in low-income and minority areas. The goal of these schools is to prepare all students to enroll and succeed in college.
    College Board Schools use the College Board College Readiness Systems to drive academic rigor. This series of programs and services includes Springboard® (in reading and mathematics), College®, and Myriad™. Students are encouraged to take Advanced Placement Program® courses and exams, along with the PSAT/NMSQT® and SAT® assessments.


    Wards ScienceWard's is our District Pencil Partner. A partnership is a relationship between a school principal and a business leader (or team of business leaders) that lasts a minimum of one school year. Successful partnerships set goals and strategically develop projects and initiatives to have a measurable impact in one of more of the following areas: developing strong leaders, building school capacity, or enhancing the learning experience for students.

    With over 140 years of experience,
    WARD’S Natural Scienceis the expert name in premier products for science education. WARD’S strives to provide total solutions and support for advanced level science in high schools and universities, with a commitment to quality that remains unmatched.
    Partnered with NECP since 2009, Wards works with our science department to improve access to material and provides a number of professional devlopment opertunities.

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