Welcome to Ms. Polashenski's Music Page 
     Hello families! In these uncertain times, music is especially powerful. Music at home can take many forms:
    -Take my weekly "Super Musical Quarantine Quiz", posted to my YouTube Page every Wednesday. See Musical Activities for Home tab for links or click here.
    -Classroom teachers all have usernames and passwords for each students' Quavermusic accounts. See Musical Activities for Home tab for the link and further information.
    -All ensembles have a Google Classroom created. I will be providing extra music and supplemental materials there weekly. See Lesson Schedule tab for Band & Choir links to the Google Classrooms.
    -Please consider encouraging your child to engage in a musical activity each day - whether if be singing as a family, exploring online resources, practicing their instrument, composing new music or creating a new instrument all together! 
    We are facing new unknowns and I hope music can be a tool for expression and comfort throughout the school closures. Please email me (anastasia.polashenski@rcsdk12.org) with any questions or concerns. I will be as active as I can be to provide your child the best remote musical education.
    Stay healthy! I miss you all, already.
    -Ms. Polashenski