• John Williams School No. 5 No. 5
    555 N. Plymouth Avenue 14608
    (585) 325-2255
    Pre-K through Grade 8
    Principal: Joanne Wideman
    Parent Liaison: Diane Leone
    PTO President: Dawn Howard
    Probability of getting this school as your first choice (based on 2009-10 lottery results): 100%
    John Williams School No. 5 is the northwest LEAP school—a school for children whose native language is other than English—for the City School District. Our professional staff model lifelong learning while teaching an innovative, challenging, creative, and student-centered curriculum. We work to meet high standards in a safe, supportive, nurturing, and culturally sensitive environment. Our instructional program is guided by a school improvement plan that targets student performance in reading and math. The school features a media center, a fully equipped computer lab, a wireless lab, and computers in every classroom.
    John Williams School No. 5:
    • Fosters an international school environment where cultural and linguistic diversity are embraced.
    • Offers reading programs (100 Book Challenge and Reading First) to foster a love of reading and the development of reading skills among students.
    • Offers Universal Pre-K programs.
    • Provides extended-day activities through SES providers, including academic intervention services in reading and math.
    • Offers student activities including Student Council, Safety Patrol, Classroom Helpers, and the Bobcat Ambassadors.
    • Offers the Madcap Mentor Program, which promotes adult-to-child mentorship. Individual faculty members spend time and resources with students during and beyond the school day.
    • Has character education programs, daily school creed, character word of the week, and semi-quarterly principal's assemblies to cultivate respect and responsibility.
    • Uses the Community ConnecTime Program, an alternative to out-of-school suspension. Students work with FoodLink providing community service to the city of Rochester and an alternative to suspension program with Center For Youth.
    • Has community partnerships with RIT, MVP, Harris Interactive, Girl Scouts of America, University of Rochester (Smilemobile Dental Care), Ametek Foundation, FoodLink, Lake Avenue Baptist Church, Eastman Kodak, Oasis Fellowship Christian Church, Refugee Resettlement Organization, Nazareth English Language Learners Consortium, Jewish Federation Tutors, and the Children's Institute.
Last Modified on May 27, 2016