• An incentive program for

    students at School #2


    What is it?

    • A way to acknowledge and reward students who make positive choices for themselves and put forth effort while in school
    • A way to track the behaviors of our students
    • A leveling system based on points earned by the student
      • Gold level = exceeds expectations
      • Silver level = meets our expectations
      • Blue level = working towards expectations
      • Orange level = fails to meet expectations


    Who is it for?

    • ALL students will be leveled
    • ALL students are capable of reaching gold or silver level – based solely on effort levels, not  academic achievement


    Why are we doing this?

    • We want students to be praised and encouraged to make positive choices while in school.
    • We want to reward them with small prizes and special opportunities because they earned it.
    • We want these students to become role-models and leaders within our school house to help encourage their peers to do the right thing
    • We want to support all students to put forth much effort into their learning and to act in a positive and healthy way.


    How are we doing this?

    • Based on a point system developed by our Respect & Protect Team
    • Points are earned for academic effort in all 7 areas:  ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science, Music, Art, and Physical Education
    • Points are earned for effort in personal growth areas, such as:  completing homework, using time productively, using self-control, etc.
    • Points are earned for taking on additional responsibilities, such as:  Choir, Band, Building Safety Duty, Fire Drill Team, Extended Day Program, etc.