Clara Barton School #2

    Principal’s Book of the Month

    2019-2020 School Year

    SEPTEMBER - Citizenship (6th Grade)

    • I Don’t Like Rules (J. Cook)
    • What If Everybody Did That (E. Javernick) 

    OCTOBER -Gratitude (5th Grade)

    • The Thank You Book (M. Wilhems)
    • Mateo Finds His Wow: A Story of Wonder and Gratitude (G. Garcia)

    NOVEMBER- Kindness (4th Grade)

    • Be Kind (Z. Miller & J. Hill)
    • You Can Be Kind (S. Joseph)
    • At School Kindness Start With You (J. Stagg) 

    DECEMBER - Altruism (Physical Education & Library Staff)

    • Green: A Book on Altruism(J. Ridge)
    • The Magical Sweeper of Raggadish (A. Mayor)

    JANUARY - Mindfulness (3rd Grade)

    • I am Yoga (S. Verde)
    • Listening With My Heart (G. Garcia)

    FEBRUARY - Love (2nd Grade)

    •  I am Love(S. Verde)
    • I Like Myself(K. Beaumont)
    • Marvelous Me, Inside Out (L. M. Bullard & B. Reiberling)
    • What I Like About Me(Z. N. Allia & M. Sakamoto)
    • I like Me(N. Carlson)
    • Happy In Our Skin(F. Munushkin)

    MARCH - Empathy (Music & Art Staff)

    • I Am Human ((S. Verde)
    • Listening With My Heart (G. Garcia)
    • You, Me and Empathy (J. Sanders & S. Cardoso)
    • Stand in My Shoes: Kids Learning About Empathy (B. Sornson)
    • Teach Your Dragon Empathy (S. Herman)

    APRIL - Compassion (1st Grade Team)

    • I Am Love(S. Verde)
    • I am Enough (G. Byers)
    • What If Everybody Did That (E. Javernick)

    MAY - Peace (Kindergarten, PreK & ESOL)

    • I am Peace(S. Verde)
    • Can You Say Peace (K. Katz)
    • The Peace Book (Todd Parr)
    • I'm Like You, You're Like Me(Z. N. Allia & M. Sakamoto)
    • Peace Is An Offering(LeBox & Graegin)
    • What Does Peace Feel Like (V. Radunsky)
    • Our Peaceful Classroom (A. Wolfe)