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  •  School-Based Planning Team

    Stephanie Harris Principal
    Elizabeth Dunne Project Implementation Specialist
    Kate Sullivan Teacher
    Jose Huertas-Rosa Teacher
    Brennan Buckley Teacher
    Aaron Murphy  Teacher
    Jessica Massey Teacher
    Angela Clemons Teacher
    Vacant Teacher
    Vacant Teacher
    Vacant Teacher
    Mary Gray Home School Assistant 
    Ms. Lewis RAP Representative
    Ms. Watkins Parent Representative

    Vacant Parent Representative

    *If you are interested in serving as a Parent Representative on our SBPT, please call the Franklin Lower main office. 

  • Meeting Dates

    September 9.20.23
    October 10.18.23
    November 11.15.23
    December 12.20.23
    January 1.17.24
    February 2.28.24
    March 3.20.24
    April 4.17.24
    May 5.15.24

    June 6.12.24 (Combined with BC)
    July TBA
    August TBA

2023-24 Meeting Minutes

Previous Year's Meeting Minutes