• Homework
    My philosophy on homework:  Students should have an opportunity to practice skills that are taught in school each day.  Parents should have an opportunity to see what their child is taught each day, and provide help when needed.  I make every effort to assign homework that directly relates to, or is practice of what is currently being taught. I do not believe in assigning hours of homework.  I tell the students, "I don't give tons of homework, but I do expect quality in what you turn in to me."   - Mrs. Speranza
    Room 205 Homework Expectations
     - Students were provided a planner/agenda in which all homework assignments are written each day.
     - The planner/agenda, along with a homework folder, should be brought back and forth to school each day.
     - Parents can use the planner to check homework assignments and write short notes to the teacher.
     - Please check your child's homework folder each day to look for work that has been checked by me, and also for important papers you may need to see.
    - Homework is assigned nightly.  Usually there are at least two assignments, one in Language Arts and one in Math.
     - Occasionally no homework is assigned.  If this is the case, the student will write "No Homework" in their planner on that day.
     - I understand that emergencies come up; therefore I do allow students one extra day to turn in missing homework assignments.  If I find this happens often, I will let the parent know.
     - A note will go home to be signed if 2 days of homework are not turned in on time.