We are excited at School #28 to offer Primary Project to students In Kindergarten to Second Grade.

    Primary Project is designed to help children feel good about their school experiences. We obtain permission for selected students to participate in the program.

    This program helps students settle into the classroom so that they are better able to focus on learning. We have found that many children benefit from the program, and parents would like to have their child participate.

    This is a chance for your child to connect with a trained child associate, Ms. Krieger. Your child would be able to have some one-to-one time with Ms. Krieger once a week for about 12-15 weeks.

    First session starts at February and second starts in January. 

    Children express themselves through play more that they can through words.  Some children have a hard time adjusting themselves to school.  They may be shy, easily distracted, or frustrated. This is a program for young children to help prevent potential difficulties, as they get older.

    Primary Project benefits children by giving them confidence in class, increasing their self-confidence and focus, assisting in their social skills development and helping them to adjust to life’s changes (i.e. new teachers, friends and routines.)