• Roberto Clemente School # 8's Cool Down Zone

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    The purpose of the COOL DOWN ZONE is to provide students with a non-punitive, safe space to calm down following a stressful event, hopefully allowing them to regroup and return to class without a disciplinary action.  The Cool Down Zone operates with four primary learning targets for students:
                  Student Learning Targets
    • I can regroup using support and self-control.

    • I can reflect on my choices and behaviors.

    • I can repair any damages my choices may have caused.

    • I can return to my scheduled class.

    The Cool Down Zone is staffed via our partnership with the Center For Youth.  It is located in Room 324.  The Cool Down Zone is staffed by:
    Victor Saunders 
    Orlando Ruiz
     The following video provides an overview of the Cool Down Zone: