• Welcome to Interact Club 2015-2016!
              The Interact Club is part of the Rotary International Organization. This organization is worldwide. The Interact club is housed at Rochester International Academy (RIA). The members of the club are people from all around the world, such as Congo, Eritrea, Nepal, Somalia, Thailand, Karen, Burmese(Myanmar),Arabic and Spanish.  
               The Interact club is doing a Service Project and (40)student stay the after school because we do the Interact club.We planting Vegetables also we planting sunflowers to sell to raise money. We are planting in the green house at (RIA).We are planting all the herbs and vegetables. Their names we planting Collards(384), Bell  peppers(400), Thai Hot(500), Kale(200), Basil(200), Herbs(100), Swiss Chard(300)and Tomatoes(200). Also we planting flower. Their name of the flowers we are planting are  Sunny smile(100), Marigolds(600),Teddy Bear(100), Firecracker (100) and Big Smile(100).
                 Last Day of Interact Club