•                                        Welcome to 8th Grade Enrichment!
                                                    5th Period B/D Days 
                                                       Room 234 
    This class supplements MYP English Language and Literature. We will focus on responding to literature and informational text, using evidence in our writing, research and discussion skills. 
    Names Unit- Articles
    Whitening the Resume/Discussion Questions 10/27
    Freakonomics Article
    Freakonomics Questions/QuickWrites
    Third Assignment Due 9/23
    Principled Pt 2- Was the decision to destroy Sanctuary Village principled? Support your claim with evidence from the texts we read in class.
    Rochester Indymedia Footage  
    Second Assignment Due 9/17
    Principled-Article or Story based on photo 
    First assignment: Due 9/9 IB Learner Traits - two paragraph response
    Paragraph One: Which IB Learner Traits are your strongest? You could pick one or two. How do you exemplify those traits? How do you think exhibiting this trait will help you as a student or in life?
    Paragraph Two: Which IB Learner Trait is your weakest trait? OR which trait would you like to work on more this year? How will you do that? How could that help you as a student? Do you 
    know someone who better exemplifies that trait?
    Criteria for success:
    *Each paragraph should be 5-8  COMPLETE sentences
    *The writing should be in formal or standard English
    *You should fully address the prompt with facts, evidence and examples.
    *There should be few to no errors that might cause confusion.