• The School Based Planning Team (SBPT) meets every month.  The role of the SBPT:
    • make decisions that focus directly on instruction, curriculum, and support student learning
    • be involved with the teacher transfer process
    • create the SCEP (School improve plan)
    There are 3 parent representatives on the team. An election is held in the fall to decide which  teachers, staff,  and parents  will serve on the committee.
    The team members for the School Based Planning Team include:
    Mr. Klein-Principal
    Mr. Mascadri-Assistant Principal
    Mrs. Groff-Assistant Principal
    Mrs. Hasenauer-Head Secretary
    Mrs. Evans -  Parent Liaison/Home-School Assistant 
    Ms. Dunbar-Teacher 
    Mrs. Dunne - Teacher
    Ms. Erwin-Teacher
    Mrs. Hartgrove-Teacher 
    Mr. Holmes-Teacher
    Ms. Wegman - Teacher  
    Ms. Castro-Parent
    Mrs. Bliss-Joyner-Parent