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            In School Support (ISS)Room Policy



    Referral Process


    An ISS Referral Form is filled out by the Assistant Principal or Administrator for each scholar assigned to ISS.  The reason for the referral is written on the referral Form.


    The Assistant Principal and /referring Administrator e-mails the names of the students assigned to ISS, to all WFA staff.  Note:  Assistant Principal will attempt to email staff as soon as possible following an ISS referral and teachers are asked to check their email and school mailboxes regularly for news of ISS referrals.  The ISS Coordinator will send an attendance e-mail with all the names of students assigned to the ISS room to all WFA staff members daily.


    Once a teacher receives news of the ISS placement(s) (either by referral form or e-mail), the teacher is to forward the requested assignments as soon as possible to the ISS Coordinator (currently Ms. Lavergne) via e-mail, mailbox, phone, in person, etc.  All Teachers are expected to provide work for their scholars who are assigned to ISS. Teachers that do not forward assignments in a timely fashion will be contacted by the ISS Coordinator and/or Assistant Principal.


    All assignments are logged in under the scholar’s name, disseminated to the scholar and upon completion; signed off on as completed by the scholar.  All assignments completed by the scholar will be placed in the appropriate teacher’s mailbox at the end of the school day.  All scholars must strive to complete all assigned work or their time in ISS may be extended.  


    A letter will be mailed home informing the parent(s) / guardian(s) of their child’s assignment to ISS.  A copy of this letter will be placed in the student’s disciplinary folder. 



     ISS Attendance


    ISS scholars are to enter the building at Exit #1.  After being scanned, they are to report immediately to ISS staff that will be present at the security desk to receive further direction.  The ISS staff person will supervise the scholars in an area designated by the principal.   ISS scholars are not allowed in the Cafeteria without an escort.


    ISS scholars arriving late (after 7:50 am) without a verifiable and valid excuse (i.e., mechanical failure or late arrival of an RTS bus), will remain in ISS for the day as well as serve another full day of ISS.


    The ISS Coordinator will forward ISS attendance daily; via e-mail to WFA.  Scholars absent from ISS will be required to make up the entire period of absence immediately upon their return to school.


    Scholars who are present in ISS will be considered present in all of their classes.  A scholar present in ISS cannot be penalized by their teacher for their ISS assignment.  The classroom teacher will mark the scholar absent.  The attendance clerk will make the changes in Chancery for the scholars who are present in ISS.


    ISS Rules, and Expectations  Contract


    Each scholar must read (or have read to him/her) and sign the ISS Rules and Expectations Contract ; thereby acknowledging having been informed of the behavioral expectations of ISS and the possible consequences of violating those expectations.  The ISS Coordinator will conduct ISS in accordance with the rules within the ISS Contract at all times thereby ensuring consistency in expectations and improving the likelihood of compliance and scholar success.


    Intervention / Counseling  Services


    All scholars assigned to ISS will meet with the ISS Coordinator as a part of their placement in ISS.  This conference will include a discussion of the reasons for their placement in ISS, and how to avoid a return to ISS.  Mediations will be scheduled as deemed necessary. In addition, a Reflection Piece, wherein an ISS scholar reflects upon events surrounding the suspension, consequences of the misbehavior and subsequent behavioral changes must be completed by each ISS scholar prior to the end of the counseling session.  The Reflection Piece will be forwarded to the school principal or his/her designee(s) for review and safekeeping as one record of intervention and for possible use in future progressive disciplinary measures (should the need arise).


    Movement of ISS Scholars within the Wilson Foundation Academy and Grounds


    ISS Scholars MUSTBE ESCORTED at all times by a WFA staff while in the building.


    ISS scholars are allowed restroom and water breaks per day at the discretion and availability of ISS staff.  Currently, ISS students are required to use the restroom and water fountains next to the Cafeteria. The security desk will be notified by radio that a scholar is being released to the restroom/water fountain for monitoring if there is not staff available.  An ISS scholar must be escorted by a WFA staff as they move throughout the building at all times. ISS SCHOLARS MAY NOT BE LEFT UNSUPERVISED AT ANY TIME.


    In the event of a Building Evacuation, ISS scholars are to proceed immediately to exit #5 and out to the far corner of the school property that is closest to Frost Avenue.  As always, ISS scholars are not permitted to interact in any manner, spoken or unspoken, with any other scholars.


    Scholars may be excused, with an escort, to attend a class at the request of a classroom teacher, and at the discretion of the ISS staff.


    Scholars who are in the ISS room are to leave at the end of day and are not to participate in after school activities.




    ISS scholars are not allowed to eat breakfast or lunch in the school cafeteria. 


    Breakfast- After being scanned, ISS scholars are to report immediately to ISS staff to receive further direction. At 7:25 am daily, an ISS staff person will be present at the security desk to supervise the scholars in a designated area. At 7:50 am, scholars are requested to form a single line and walk down to the Cafeteria, retrieve their breakfast and proceed to the ISS room. All meals will be taken to and eaten in the ISS room. Scholars will complete the ISS sign in process and sit at the tables designated for breakfast.


    Lunch- At the designated lunch time, scholars are to sit quietly at their desk and wait to be called to line up to go to the cafeteria to get his/her lunch. Scholars are escorted back to the ISS room and they are to eat their lunch at the designated tables. Lunch is scheduled for 7th period daily.


    All scholars are responsible for cleaning up their respective seating / eating areas.



    Other Consequences


    Additional consequences for WFA ISS scholars failing to follow ISS rules are at the discretion of the Building Principal, the Assistant Principal,  Administrator for Special Education and the ISS Coordinator, which will include but are not limited to, additional time in ISS, and Long Term suspension.


Last Modified on February 13, 2015