IB Middle Years Programme

    Areas of Interaction:  Community & Service

    Community and service starts in the classroom and extends beyond it, requiring students to take an active part in the communities in which they live.

    Giving importance to the sense of community throughout the programme encourages responsible citizenship as it seeks to deepen the adolescent's knowledge and understanding of the world around them. The emphasis is on developing community awareness and concern, and the skills needed to make an effective contribution to society.

    Students are encouraged to make connections between their intellectual and social growth, thereby refining their affective, creative, ethical, and cognitive development. This is achieved through a process of discovery of self and community, and reflections both  inside and outside the classroom.


    Why is Community and Service important?

    • Provides students with opportunities for helping the school, local, and international communities.
    • Develops an awareness to make a positive difference in the life of others
    • Encourages responsible citizenship by increasing students understanding of the world.
    • Allows the student to discover new skills, talents, and interests.

    There will be many opportunities for WFA scholars to give back to their school and neighborhood communities throughout the year, including the annual "Day of Caring" that takes place in the spring.