• 7th Grade Poetry Project

      Name ________________________                            Date _______

    Poetry Project                                             Period_______


    You will choose 5 types of poems from the list below. Your poems must share a common theme. For example, your poems may deal with the theme of friendship, music, sports, etc...


    We will be compiling your work in a small book so you’re also expected to be creative and add artistic elements to your project. You may include your own drawings, pictures from magazines, etc…


    Each poem will be worth 20 points.


    1. Limerick
    2. Diamante
    3. Haiku
    4. Concrete (Shape Poem)
    5. Narrative Poem
    6. Acrostic
    7. Lyrics
    8. Free Verse

    Limerick-- a limerick is a five-line poem with a swinging rhythm that tells a humorous story. Limericks rhyme in an AABBA pattern. Here are some examples of limericks:


    Limerick Example

    There once was a fellow named Tim (A)

    whose dad never taught him to swim. (A)

    He fell off a dock (B)

    and sunk like a rock. (B)

    And that was the end of him. (A) __________________________________



    The purpose of the diamanté is to start with two totally different (sometimes opposite) subjects. You work from the first subject paced at the top of the poem to the second subject placed at the bottom of the poem.


    line 1- one noun (subject #1)
    line 2- two adjectives (describing subject#1)
    line 3- three Participles (ending in -ing, telling about subject #1)
    line 4- four nouns (first two related to subject #1, next two related to subject #2)
    line 5- three Participles (ending in -ing, telling about subject #2)
    line 6- two adjectives (describing subject#2)
    line 7- one noun (subject #2)


    Diamanté Example      

    Happy, Friendly
    Running, Jumping, Barking
    Paws, Tails, Claws, Teeth
    Hiding, Avoiding, Demanding
    Snobby, Skittish


    Haiku --This poem is made up of three lines only. The pattern of syllables goes like this:

    five syllables
    seven syllables
    five syllables

    Haiku Example             



                                         Moist gol/den sponge cake

                                         Cream/y white fil/ling of joy                    

                                         Boy I love twin/kies

    __________________________________Concrete Poem-- A concrete poem is one that takes the shape of the object it describes.

    Concrete Poem Example  




    Narrative Poem—tells a story in verse. Narrative poems usually have a plot, setting, conflict and characters.


    Acrostic-- This kind of poem can be written  in  different ways, but the simplest form is to put the letters that spell your subject down the side of your page.  When you have done this then you go back to each letter and think of a word , phrase or sentence that  starts with that letter and describes your subject.


    Acrostic Example



    Hockey is my favorite sport
    On the ice or street
    Cool and fun
    Keep on playing
    Exercise and stronger
    You should try 


    Lyrics—you can write your own song/rap lyrics. They can rhyme but they don’t have to.



    Free Verse -- Free verse poetry is free from the normal rules of poetry. The poet may choose to include some rhyming words but the poem does not have to rhyme. A free verse poem may be just a sentence that is artistically laid out on the page or it can be pages of words.

    Free Verse Example

    Red Fox

    As I slyly run down the path all you can see is a quick flash. 
    I have nine cubs in a litter when they're only young.
    I guide their hunt.
    Days go by.
    Now it is their birthday. 
    I don't have to tear meat off the bone.