• Monroe Clubs

    Red Jacket News –Mark Morrison The school Newspaper will serve as an outlet for students to showcase their creativity, ideas, and developing critical thinking skills.

    Chess Club- Matt Kubarycz Students will learn the game of chess and compete with other schools.

    Meets and practices will take place on Thursdays after school.

    Red Jacket Journey Club- Erin Carey and Olivia Garber The purpose of the Redjacket Journey club is to expose students to new cultures through experiential learning and engagement in their community.

    AV Club- Donnell Johnson Students learn Audio Visual Skills and will provide AV support for school events

    AM Fitness Club-Shanna Kinney- Students will work out in the weight room to stay fit or get ready for an up coming sport.

    PM Fitness Club- Linda Polizzi To increase opportunities for students to become physically active and physically fit.

    Model UN-Joan Mazur Students will discuss current events, have debates on a variety of topics and participate in conferences as funding is available.

    Student Government-Bonnie Caton Elected students will learn about government procedures and be the student voice in the school as well as working on community service projects.

    Monroe Strong-Quinn Whelen-Students will learn about proper weight training

    National Honor Society-Andrea Tutino The purpose of NHS is to recognize and help students maintain high academic excellence (scholarship), service, leadership and good character in our global society (grades 10-12).

    Junior National Honor Society Jen Daly-The purpose of NHS is to recognize and help students maintain high academic excellence (scholarship), service, leadership and good character in our global society (grades 7-9).

    Peer Tutoring-Angela Wedgwood-The proposed math club will be used to enhance the 7th Grade Math Curriculum with peer tutoring

    Red Cross Club- Eleonor Payton-Students will learn the leadership skills needed to plan and implement community service activities that support the American Red Cross. 

    Step/Dance Club-Jennifer Warrick- This club is designed to give students an opportunity to learn the art of stepping and hip-hop dance.

    Urban Steel-Lisa Scott-Students will learn and perform music on the steel drums in order to represent the school and district at public and private events.

    Yearbook Club-Jennifer Daly-Students will take pictures, organize the yearbook ladder, and arrange the Monroe yearbook.

    Monroe News Network-Jennifer Daly-Students will create a weekly news show that will keep the Monroe Community informed of school events and happenings.

    Senior Class Club- Dena Ford & Jacqueline McClaney - This club will work with the Junior and Senior classes for social events (Prom, Senior Trip, Dances)

    National History Day Club-Olivia Garber- At the request of the head of the Social Studies department, Students on the National History Day Team will work with club advisor to design an original research project aligned to this years theme, "Triumph and Tragedy". Students will take trips to local archives to carry out research and will eventually compete in the city-wide NHD competition.


    Philosophy and Philanthropy –Kara Muddle-Collaborative study of philosophy and philanthropy, discussion of role models, meditation on being one's best self, sharing of gratitude, and participation in concrete recognizable acts of kindness.

    Restorative Peers Club- Erin Carey- Students will participate in trainings and circles, as well as design their own trainings, circles, and restorative activities for the students and staff of Monroe high school.


Last Modified on November 7, 2018