Meet Mr. Ray Smith
    Mr. Ray Smith
    Who I am
    Hello, I am Mr. Smith, proud 7th-8th grade school counselor at James Monroe High School. Helping young people develop their potential and succeed in life is a strong passion of mine. I am truly grateful to serve the youth at our school. To get paid to work in my passion is truly a blessing that I am so appreciative of. It is my hope that all my students will go on as adults to find fulfillment in their careers similar to what I have experienced. In my role as a school counselor there is never a dull day and I wouldn't have it any other way! I value honesty, peace, knowledge, fun, freedom, family.......and more fun! My interests include: traveling, athletics, camping, web surfing, reading and I am a DIE HARD BASKETBALL FAN. I am a graduate of SUNY Oswego college in sunny, warm Oswego, NY.
       SUNY Oswego
    What I do
    • Create students' schedules, placing them in the most appropriate classes