(Based Upon the Ron Clark Academy's House System in Atlanta, Georgia)


    What is the House System?

    In the House System, students and staff are sorted into 1 of 4 multi-age/grade Houses when they first arrive at our school. They remain in that House throughout their time at Francis Parker School No. 23. In a House, students are able to interact with peers from other grade levels. With this, the older students become mentors to younger students who are struggling or need advice — and they in turn grow as leaders themselves. This creates a positive climate and culture of belonging for students and staff. It also helps to build character, relationships, and school spirit.


    Healthy Competition

    It is important for the House System to promote a sense of healthy competition so that students can learn how to be team players. It promotes working for the good of the group and learning how to persevere in hard times, which can often lead to rewards. The key is to promote a culture of constructive competition. Staff models a playful competitive spirit that celebrates wins, learns from mistakes, and accepts loss gracefully. Students learn that dedication and participation are powerful tools to success.


    Earning House Points

    Points are collected throughout the year for each student, which counts toward their overall House’s score. Students can earn points for anything deemed worthy, and they never lose points for any reason. The House with the highest amount of points at the end of the year wins the House Cup! 

    Examples include:

    • Helping Others

    • Being Respectful

    • Being On-Task

    • Teamwork

    • Persistence

    • Academic Excellence