School No. 4 staff, parents, and students will work as partners to foster a positive learning environment. This compact has been developed and describes school and family responsibilities.

    As the school, we pledge to:

    • Provide the necessary strategies and resources needed for effective instruction to achieve the State’s high standards
    • Provide an environment that allows for positive communication among teachers, staff, parents, and students
    • Provide a safe school environment that promotes learning and encourages partnerships with the school (e.g. volunteering, tutoring, room parent, and field trips.)
    • Meet individual needs by creating centers of interest and using a variety of teaching techniques
    • Introduce new educational opportunities for all students
    • Employ effective classroom management skills
    • Provide appropriate homework to reinforce the skills that have been taught at school.
    • Communicate with respect to parents regularly about their child’s progress
    • Provide opportunities that encourage parents/guardians to be involved at school through volunteering, conferences, participating in children’s classes, observing classroom activities and improving self by using Restorative Justice Practices
    • Schedule two face to face parent-teacher conferences to discuss academic and behavior progress
    • Come to school on time prepared to teach the approved state and local curriculum
    • Provide opportunities to learn problem solving skills including: life survival skills, interpersonal and personal relationships
    • Promote a feeling of belonging for all
    • Model the behavior of a life-long learner/foster independence in our students
    • Not tolerate bullying                                                                                                                              

    As a parent/guardian I (we) will:

    • Communicate and work with the school to encourage my child’s learning and positive behavior
    • Make sure my child attends school regularly and on time
    • Make sure my child is dressed in his/her uniform daily
    • Make sure my child has the materials he/she needs to learn
    • Make sure my child is well rested and ready to learn
    • Ask my child about schoolwork and activities every day
    • Provide a place for homework and check to see that all work is completed daily
    • Sign up for Parent Connect/Class DOJO and make sure I monitor it daily
    • Read to my child, have my child read to me or have my child read for 30 minutes daily
    • Show respect with my words and actions for my child, other children, their families, the teachers, and the school at all times
    • Work with my child’s teacher when there is a problem or to prevent a problem
    • Attend parent/teacher conferences to discuss my child’s academic performance or lack of progress, behavior, and ways I can help my child achieve his/hers greatest potential
    • Communicate with the school about any changes in address or phone numbers throughout the year.
    • Please check your child(ren) book bag(s) daily to make certain that no inappropriate materials come to school
    • Participate in school-wide events

    As a student, I will:

    • Take pride in the school and maintain a positive attitude while learning
    • Come to school with book bag and materials ready to learn
    • Wear my uniform with pride, daily and appropriately
    • Believe I can learn and will learn
    • Accept other’s differences
    • Complete class work and homework daily to the best of my ability
    • Follow the school –wide ROAR 4 Positive Behavior Incentive System (PBIS)
    • Be responsible for my actions, behavior, and language daily and also be a positive role model for my team members and younger peers
    • Be a good citizen by doing what is right because it is the right thing to do for others and myself
    • Respect myself, staff members (every adult),and school building property at all times
    • Develop a growth mindset
    • Learn and do my best                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

    As A Community Partner, I will:

    • Respect, encourage and support students, staff and parents
    • Be an active, contributing partner with the schools
    • Provide input and feedback to make school 4 a safe and exciting place to learn
    • Be involved in producing and supporting learning regardless of where it occurs
    • Take an active role in keeping our grounds clean and safe
    • Provide opportunities for collaboration
    • Participate in school-wide events             
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