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What we are doing in the library this week~

Concepts that we will be working on are:
Students will be focusing on the Common Core Shift of providing evidence from a text.  Additionally, determining whether statements are facts or opinions and identifying main idea with supporting details.
May's Design Principle is The Natural World.  Go for a walk and ask your child what evidence do they see that spring has arrived. Or fold blank paper into a booklet where your child can record their obervations of the natural world in words or pictures or both.
Suggested titles:

Big Rain Coming - Germein                                                           Crafty Cameleon - Hadithi

Why Flies Buzz - Anasi                                                                Trouble at Shady Glade - Peet

Kermit the Hermit - Peet                                                               Rain - Peet

Sellaluna - Cannon                                                                        Why Frog and Snake can't be friends - Willia