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    Common Core Overview
    New York is one of 45 states to adopt the Common Core, which sets clear goals for what students should know and be able to do at each grade level. The standards prepare students for success in the 21st century economy, no matter who they are or where they go to school. 

    A More Rigorous, More Relevant Curriculum

    The Common Core provides more challenging content that engages students. Teachers will spend less time giving students information, and more time helping them develop skills they need, such as reading carefully for information and using math in real-world situations. 

    Students will learn fewer concepts with a greater depth of understanding. For children who need extra help, the focus is on acceleration—providing support to catch up within grade level—rather than holding students back or giving remedial classes.

    Our teachers are embracing the curriculum and ready to help your children achieve. The new schedules will provide more instructional time, and the District is working to offer an expanded day in more schools. We also are increasing art, music, sports, and extra-curricular activities to engage students outside the Common Core subjects.

    Parents can help by making sure your children read at home, every day. Ask them questions about what they read, and help them “do the math” that pops up in everyday life. Talk to your child’s teachers, and check the websites on this handout to learn more.

    Together, we can help all children to achieve the high expectations of the Common Core, which will help them to succeed in later life.

    Terms to Know
    Common Core  National standards—what all students are expected to learn at each grade level, Pre-K to 12
    Common Core Curriculum  State-provided materials, training and recommendations to help districts implement the standards
    Common Core Assessments  State tests that measure how well students are meeting the standards
    Core Instructional Program  The District’s road map for Rochester schools, with recommended instruction times, course sequences and strategies
    Teaching the Common Core  Teachers and principals decide on school- and classroom-level instructional approaches that will best help their students to meet the standards