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    January 31, 2020

    It is with great sadness that the Rochester City School Library System’s Annual Storytelling Festival cannot take place this year. The Rochester City School Library System Librarians have held the annual Storytelling Festival for the past 21 years. Members of the committee secured grants and funding for food, certificates, medals, trophies, and books. District Librarians, staff, and community partners volunteered the evening of the festival to set up, served as judges, servers, door monitors, ushers, and as the cleanup crew. Librarians coached student storytellers for months to prepare for the main event. Countless hours go into learning the craft of storytelling. Many of our librarians that participate and volunteer have found themselves in two schools this year, and are unable to dedicate the time needed to coach students. This reduced time with their storytellers has had a significant impact on student participation to the point that there were not enough students to hold the event.