• Every student should have access to a rigorous academic program and quality instruction. Our school’s mission speaks to what Vanguard life is all about when preparing you for life beyond high school.  

    First and foremost, the EPIC WAY means our core values of Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Community will guide our behaviors and actions throughout the school year.  Without values and a moral compass, we cannot hold ourselves accountable to high standards while maintaining respect for each other.  Our values will be embedded every day we attend Vanguard and will help shape our school's culture and climate. 

    EXCELLENCE:  Excellence is a quality that exceeds the norm and strives toward perfection.  We inspire students to step out of their comfort zone intellectually, emotionally & socially. 

    PASSION:  Passion is a deep, authentic, intense, and personal emotion.  Students and staff discover their passions through meeting and completing big challenges; embracing change and adapting to innovation; and exhibiting positive energy and a “can-do” attitude.

    INTEGRITY:  Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.  At Vanguard, we strive to develop integrity in our students by helping them to identify aspects of behavior that require change and an “own it” attitude because once someone owns it, they have an opportunity for growth as it pertains to respect, honesty and truthfulness.

    COMMUNITY:  The VANGUARD WAY provokes a feeling of belonging, to a feeling that everyone matters, and that we as a school are connected and our interdependence is one of our greatest strengths.  We respect and promote diversity of action and thought and we engage in and encourage open and healthy dialogue among all members of our community.