• The School No. 52 Uniform
    long sleeve shirt short sleeve shirt blue skort pants
    •  Solid light blue long or short sleeve polo shirts (collared)
    •  Collared School 52 shirts
    •  Solid navy blue cotton twill pants with zipper
    •  Solid navy skirts, jumpers, skorts, and shorts that come to the knee
    •  Pants may not sag or must be held up with a belt
    •  Solid navy or white tights; dark or white socks
    •  Solid navy cardigan without a hood
    • On Phys. Ed. days, students may wear shorts and t-shirt under the uniform or wear solid navy blue sweat pants with their collared shirt
    • School T-Shirts can be worn on Fridays. 
    • Closed toe shoes or sneakers
    Uniforms may be purchased at:
            • Wal-Mart                                   
            • Target
            • Frenchtoast.com
            • Kohls
            • Burlington Coat Factory           
            • JC Penney
            • Stitchworks on Culver Parkway (School emblems can be embroidered onto plain polo shirts at Stitchworks for a modest fee (optional). Call 654-7522.
Last Modified on January 23, 2020