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    Supplies List


    Dear Students/Parents/Guardians:


    I hope you have all had a relaxing summer and are ready to start 4th grade with lots of enthusiasm!!! You will need the following items to start the year off on the right foot.


    Many #2 pencils

    eraser tips or a large hand held eraser

    2 pens

    1 red pen —for correcting work

    loose leaf paper

    a one inch 3 ring binder (any color)

    6 folders with tabs (yellow, blue, red, green, orange and purple)

    1 journal

    one box of kleenex

    a large bottle of hand sanitizer

    glue sticks

    a pencil bag or box

    colored pencils or a box of 24 crayons

    1 yellow hilighter

    a ruler

    150 index cards put inside a ziplock baggie

    post it notes (2x2 size)

    pencil sharpener


    I look forward to meeting everyone in September!!!  Make sure you are reading for 20 minutes every day AND practice your multiplication facts.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer!!


    Ms. Balsamo

    4th grade teacher

    Andrew J. Townson School #39

    585-467-8816 EXT 2040