• What is Reader’s Workshop?

    Reader's Workshop is the organizational structure for the instructional components of reading instruction. It provides students with a supportive environment that involves them in authentic reading experiences that focus on the strengths and needs of each individual student. Reader's Workshop helps kids develop strong reading skills through the use of a mini-lesson, shared reading, read aloud, conferencing, independent reading, paired reading, literature response, and Reader's Chair.

    The basic philosophy behind the Reading Workshop is to allow students to spend an extended amount of time reading authentic texts that interest them on a daily basis and to provide opportunities to talk about literature. The ultimate goal of a Reading Workshop is always to develop life-long passionate readers.

    What are the components of Reader's Workshop?

    The components of Reader's Workshop are: mini-lesson, student work time, closing/wrap up. The workshop begins with a mini-lesson, approximately 10 minutes long. It focuses on a skill, strategy, or behavior that will help students become strategic readers. The lessons are based on students needs. During the lesson I model, read/think aloud using literature, use shared reading, or have students practice a particular skill or strategy.

    The mini lesson is followed by student work time where they can read independently, work in a small group (guided reading), listen to a story or read with a partner. Students read books on their independent reading level and apply skills or strategies to their reading.

    During this time I observe and work with students one-on-one or in small groups. Students keep a reading notebook and are responsible for recording what they work on each week.

    Reader's Workshop ends with a time of reflection and sharing. Students have the opportunity to share what they learned, what worked for them, struggles, exciting moments, and new discoveries.

    Introductory Unit

    Unit 1 What is Culture?

    Unit 2 Nature's Fury

    Unit 3 Give It All You Got

    Unit 4 One Land, Many Trails

    Unit 5 Person to Person

    Unit 6 Voices of the Revolution

    Unit 7 Animal Encounters & Ecology