Teaching Philosophy 

    My approach to education is aimed to help students be the most that they can be. As a teacher, I am concerned with the growth of every student's intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, and creative potentials. My teaching reflects a sense of care and respect that embraces students’ cultural backgrounds and their communities. It is important that I understand the culture and communities of the students that I teach in my classrooms. Education comes from students’ families, neighborhoods, and communities. While it may not be considered formal classroom education, it is still a form of education. I recognize that my students bring to class with them a rich culture, funds of knowledge, experiences, and cognitive resources that I can utilize in the classroom through discussions, written assignments, projects, and technology. When students bring their cultural experiences and funds of knowledge to the classroom, students can serve as the best teachers for their peers and experts on a subject. It is essential to create a community that allows students to teach and learn from one another as the teacher serves only as the facilitator of learning.