• Welcome to Mr. Mundell's Living Environment Class!


    To my new students, I would like to congratulate you on reaching the Living Environment. This year will be both informative and fun for you. The course is a full year course, which will meet every day for 45 minutes and every other day for 90 minutes.


       Each student will need to come to class everyday prepared to learn, this means you have something to write with, a notebook and folder of your choosing, a binder to keep yourself organized and an open mind and attentive ears. Each student will be receiving a lab book, which contains most of the labs the student will have to complete during the school year. Lab books are not permitted to leave the room, if a student wants to work outside of class on a lab they will have to stay after school or come to class after eating lunch. New York State Department of Education requires that students complete a minimum of 1200 minutes of "satisfactory lab" time. This means that students must complete the lab and score no less than a 65 for a grade. At this point students will earn the lab minutes associated with each lab.

    It is expected that each student arrive on time to class, tardiness will not be tolerated as it only adds disruption to the classroom environment. One warning
    will be given each marking period, after that each time the student is late he/she will receive a writing assignment (the number assigned is equal to the
    number of minutes late) /that must be completed before being allowed to participate in classroom activities. Students will receive a ZERO on all the work that is being done in class until they get the writing assignment completed, they will then be permitted to complete the work that they have missed.

    The following items will not be permitted in the classroom: walkmans/CD players, cell phones and/or other electronic devices. These items are to be stored in your locker. There is also no food or drinks allowed into the classroom. No Exceptions! It is important to note that we are in a laboratory room and food/drinks can be contaminated with chemicals and cause harm.


    Grades will be calculated by combining all of your work throughout the semester. Grades will be based on these categories: classwork, homework, labs, bellwork/do now’s, tests, and quizzes. The categories will be weighted as they are listed below.

    All work will be collected and graded. It is your responsibility to keep all of your work organized. It is important to have your completed/graded work so you have materials to study from for your quizzes and tests. Work more than 5 days late will receive a grade no higher than a 50 but should still be turned in because you cannot afford to take a zero in any assignment.

    Your ability to successfully complete homework assignments, labs, classwork, and answer questions on tests/quizzes will determine your grade! Your grade will be calculated utilizing a "weighted-average" system. The categories that will be used for calculating grades are as follows:

    Classwork - 10%
    Homework - 10%
    Labs - 25%
    Participation/Preparation - 15%
    Quizzes/Tests -   40%

    Dear Parents -
    I wanted you to be able to see the class expectations and how the grading will be calculated for your child. As mentioned earlier your child will be receiving a lab book containing most of the labs they are expected to complete during the school year. Failure to satisfactorily complete a minimum of 1200 lab minutes will disqualify your
    child from participating in the final exam which will be an automatic failure of the class. Hopefully I will have an opportunity to meet with all of you at some point during the school year. It is important that I will be able to get in contact with you to keep you informed of your child’s progress. Below is a space provided for you to fill out the proper information. I can be reached by calling the school @ 663-7070, my extension is 3120; or e-mail me at steven.mundell@rcsdk12.org,.
    Feel free to contact me at any time, if I do not answer the phone leave me a message I will respond as soon as possible.  Your child has been given 1 week to get this signed and returned to me. This will count as your child’s first homework assignment and will count as his/her first grade in this class. Please fill in the following information so I know that both you and your child understand and agree to follow all class rules and expectations.


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    (print name) (signature) (date)


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