• Wish List
    Many of you ask us what we can use for the classroom, we are fortunate to have so much, but there are a few things we can always use. Thank you so much for your support.
    Please and thank you, We could use the following:

    We need YOU!  We can always use your help in the classroom or on the playground.  We welcome adult participation as often as you can spare.  We would love to have you come and share your special interest or talent.  We welcome your extra pair of hands at any time.  Please join us!

    • Empty spice containers (unwashed so they still have the smell of the spice)
    • Empty plastic food containers for our house area
    • Unused envelopes, the kind that come every day in your mail asking you to purchase something.  It's fine if they have writing on them, just as long as they are unused.
    • Old note cards or any form of old stationary that you need a home for.
    • .Paper or any size cardstock in any size.
    • Small note pads.
    • Sale flyers from your newspapers.
    • Buttons for our art area.
    • Old mittens and hats in good condition.

    Thank you!