• School No. 7

    Attendance Guidelines

    Please note:  this document has been adapted from the Districtwide document


    Attendance Goal


    The Rochester City School District is committed to continued process of increasing our student’s academic performance through student’s attendance. It is our mission and goal to establish a clear collaboration and communication between RCSD departments and the Community by implementing strategies for improving student attendance


    Attendance Procedures


              At the onset of a student being absent from school, immediate communication should be made to the family. At School No. 7, the automated phone calling system attempts to contact families of students who are absent according to the Chancery system at 11:59 DAILY.  Attempts are made to secure up to date contact information, if the system is unable to reach the family.


    Letters are sent home from the school by the Principal’s designee when:

    1. Student has 5 UNEXCUSED days (from the beginning of the school year)
    2. Student has 10 UNEXCUSED days (from the beginning of the school year)    This letter requests the parents come in for a conference with administration.
    3. Student has 15 UNEXCUSED days (from the beginning of the school year) Home visit may scheduled at this time if deemed necessary..
    4. Student misses 20** UNEXCUSED days (from the beginning of the school year)

    ·        Coordinator of Attendance (COA) and Principal’s designee does additional home visits, parent visits

    ·        The Principal’s designee files attendance referral

    ·        The school signs the referral and documents their consistent and due diligent effort in contacting the family.

    ·        The referral is forwarded to Central Office to the attention of:


    ·        COA reports update on referral filed to the Principal


    **Under 17: The school may do a CPS referral for Educational neglect.



                As of January, 2010, letters are being sent in accordance with the above timelines if a student is consistently tardy.