•                WHAT PARENTS CAN DO

    ·        Read to your child every night!

    The increased exposure to vocabulary will help them be successful in all areas.


    ·        Know who your child’s friends are!

    Learn the names of new acquaintances, know where they live, call their parents and introduce yourself.


    ·        Know where your child is!

    Require your child to be specific about his/her whereabouts and to check with you frequently.


    ·        Establish or maintain a routine.

    Start with getting into a set time for breakfast, dinner, showers, reading/studying and bedtime.  Be sure your children are on time for school.  Punctuality and attendance are crucial to your child’s education.


    ·        Ask specific questions about your child’s school day.

    “How was school today? What did you learn today?  What do you have for homework tonight?


    ·        Get to know School 7.

    Join our PTO and attend meetings, workshops and events.  Attend Open House.  Visit the school.  Chaperone a field trip or dance.  Read our newsletter.  Conference with your child's teacher.