•   LyncX  

    The guiding principle of LyncX is to help students experience success transitioning back to their home school.

    The LyncX Academy helps students who are experiencing difficulty with school in any of the following areas: attendance, behavior and academic achievement. The program is designed to provide an intense and supportive environment to enhance academic achievement, self-esteem, school attendance, life skills, and social/emotional needs.

    The LyncX Academy is dedicated to providing all students with the educational framework necessary to succeed in school and life. At LyncX, students learn to establish real-world goals and objectives, along with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to complete high school. LyncX Academy provides a safe and supporting school culture that seeks to educate the whole student.

    The program’s knowledgeable and caring staff members bring many years of experience working and maintaining positive relationships with families and students.

    Lyncx Academy is located at 30 Hart St.