We have the workforce you need

  • When you partner with OACES, you’ll have access to well-trained employees eager to work to help your business become more secure and successful.

    OACES students are different, because they are ready to get to work.

    Our students know how to get and how to keep a job. They have completed courses in job readiness and have had one-on-one career counseling to determine their career goals. From evidence of their commitment to their studies at OACES and subsequent graduation, they have proven that they are reliable and motivated.

    You have higher expectations today for your entry-level employees. Our students meet and exceed those expectations.

    Our students have the soft- and hard-skills employers like you want and need. They have problem-solving and time-management skills. They have received advanced training and certification in many of the industries where employers need workers most. Additionally our students are people who you can work with and develop.

    They often have a long career history that due to immigration or a re-introduction into the workforce, they are beginning again in a new career path. However these students are familiar with the rigors of work and can assimilate easily into your work environment. They are people who can adapt to changes over time.

    Our students have a good work ethic. They are pleasant and have good attitudes. They are cooperative, problem solvers and team players.

    For more information on starting a business partnership with OACES, call 585-IMPROVE  (585-467-7683)

    Thank you for your interest in our students and our community. | Meet our Partners