• Fuel Up To Play 60     fuel up to play 60

    The program is sponsor by the American Dairy Council and the NFL.
    The program encourage everyone to eat healthy and execise daily for at least 60 minutes.
    Classes will be given time at the end of the day to participate in extra physical activities and students will also be given an extra menu choice during breakfast to promote healthy eating and exercise.
    The program will be ongoing for the month of March and April.
    All classes will have an opportunity to earn points toward the grand prize at the end of the program.
    Fuel Up To Play 60 Winners 2012
        Mrs. Morales Class 1st Grade          Mrs. Dann/Sequiera Class 6th Grade
    Ms. Roos class
           Ms. Roods Class 3rd grade                     
    Mr. Skolnick Class 2nd grade
    Mrs. Dingman Class 2nd grade
    Ms. Plandowski Class 2nd grade
    Mrs. Barret Class 2nd grade
    Mrs. Nagar Class
    Ms. McCully Class
    Mrs. Tan Class 4th grade
    Mrs.Torres Class 5th grade