Advanced Placement

  • All Virtual AP and Initial Credit and Dual Credit Courses are primarily asynchronous, with some regularly scheduled "live" meetings throughout the year. Each registered student should be scheduled time within the day to work on the coursework. In addition, these will be a required orientation during the summer to become acquainted with the online platform, review class expectations, and meet with the teacher to begin working. The virtual component of the courses allow students to progress through the curriculum at an individual pace, gives them 24-hour access to both the curriculum and supporting resources, and provides immediate feedback on assignments. Each AP course culminates in a College Board AP exam that may lead to college credit, depending on the student's score and the policies of whichever institution the student attends. 

Virtual AP Student Profile

    • A GPA of 2.5 or higher
    • At least 80% attendance
    • Access to chromebook or personal device at home
Student and teacher.