New Student Referral Form

Please note that this is the first step in the process for enrollment into the New Beginnings program. Once submitted, this form, along with supporting documents, will be reviewed by the NB Enrollment Team. Upon review, an NB staff member will contact the family to either inform them that NB will not be able to meet the needs of the student or to arrange a visit to the program. During the visit, families will tour the building and meet with staff to discuss program specifics. At that time, if the student and parent/guardian are still interested, they will complete the final paperwork and enrollment will take place within 48 hours. Supporting documents that must be submitted with this form include the student’s transcript, schedule, latest report card as well as copies of the IEP, FBA, BIP or 504 Plan if applicable. All documents should be sent to

NB Referral Form.docx, 66.64 KB; (Last Modified on September 17, 2019)