May Minutes


SBPT Meeting


In attendance: Laniak, Ebner, Mey, Givens, Mossgraber, O’Keefe, Osborne, Michel


SCEP plan for next year

Master schedule of next year

Projected strands



  • Our school is now priority school status—our new SCEP plan is due the second week of June. We will get additional money due to our status but it will not be available next year. The extra money will be for the 2017-18 school year. The SBPT will work on the plan together. Laniak will give us the PowerPoint from the meeting last night. The link did not work via email. They are looking for data, especially in terms of intervention. We can target a few items to improve upon next year. We will use the suggestions from the DTSDE review to create our SCEP. (Writing initiative, increase PST to 7/8, increase social emotional support, parent survey). Matt will communicate the suggestions to the staff via email so everyone can read them. We need to put together at least three meeting dates to get the SCEP plan done. We will meet on May 16th and May 24th at 4pm.

  • We have a meeting scheduled with the registrar that creates our centralized schedule to give suggestions regarding scheduling for next year. We will give the registrar suggestions regarding lunch periods, specials for grade levels, etc. Please communicate your suggestions to a SBPT member.

  • Sped--they have us slated 8:1:2 at the 7/8 grade level that we are hoping will change. We are hoping to get a younger self-contained classroom instead in order to keep our service providers. The rest of the Sped classrooms will stay the same. There will be three sections at every grade level K-5. There will be one section of Grade 6. Grades 7/8 will remain the same. We will need an additional classroom on the 3rd floor for the additional 5th grade classroom we will need. The music classroom on the 3rd floor will most likely have to move downstairs.


    Next Meeting: May 16th

    Agenda: SCEP