IBM Smarter Cities Team Works With P-TECH Rochester Students

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October 15, 2015                                                   Laurie Buckley, Rochester City School District
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Students Will Learn About the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge

Staff and approximately 25 tenth-grade students at P-TECH Rochester
Martin Laird, Senior Program Manager, IBM
Bill Rottenberg, Project Director, Monroe Community College
Dr. Leonard Brock, Director, Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative                

IBM Smarter Cities Team at P-TECH Rochester Pathways to Technology Program

Friday, October 16, 2015: 1:00 – 2:30 p.m.

P-TECH Rochester at Edison Tech
655 Colfax Street
Rochester, NY 14606                

On Friday, the IBM Smarter Cities team will visit P-TECH Rochester and work with a select group of students on an activity related to the IBM Smarter cities Challenge (SCC) project and the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative.

The objective of the activity is for the students to learn about IBM’s SCC and the tasks that the IBM executives face. In turn, students will help IBM understand the perspective of young adults, who, along with their families, face many challenges that directly relate to the SCC project and the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative (RMAPI).

The session will open with remarks from Dr. Brock about RMAPI, IBM’s SCC project, and team introductions. Four student groups will break out to complete the activity, where IBM team members will lead each group through a series of questions related to citizen challenges and RMAPI for discussion around the student’s perspective on issues and barriers and what types of changes would help improve things. Focus topics include Education, Housing & Safe Neighborhoods, and Health & Nutrition.

About Smarter Cities Challenge, Rochester:   The Smarter Cities Challenge (SCC) is a competitive grant program awarding $70 million worth of IBM expertise over three years to 116 cities around the globe. These grants have addressed topics from urban agriculture to public safety.  Rochester, NY now struggles with the second-highest child poverty rate in the country. Current programs are not aligned to provide the right incentives or coordination to raise families out of poverty. Mayor Lovely Warren asked IBM to help design a unified, efficient strategy, using data across six key areas of jobs, education, housing, health, safe neighborhoods and judicial, to guide families currently receiving assistance from several agencies and provide a data-driven “stairway” out of poverty.